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How PoliceGrantsHelp Secured $129K in Funding for the Dover, NH Police Department



The Dover Police Department provides Law Enforcement services to a growing community of just under 30,000 people. In an average year, the Police Department responds to over 27,000 calls for police service, makes over 1,140 arrests for criminal offenses and issues over 2,700 citations for traffic offenses. The department has several units that help to better serve the community including uniformed patrol officers, detectives, DARE officers, a school resource officer, community outreach officers, mounted patrol officers, a K-9 officer, officers assigned to a Special Response Team, officers assigned to an Accident Investigation Team and a Crime Scene Unit.


The Dover Police Department was in need of assistance for their Crime Scene Unit. They needed to enhance their department’s ability to examine and store footwear, latent print and biological evidence through the purchase of new equipment and software. They also needed to raise the level of expertise of the department’s crime scene unit by providing additional training and certifications for Crime Scene Unit personnel. With the city of Dover’s population growing rapidly, along with the crime rate, the need for updated equipment and quality training was increasing daily. Unfortunately, this growth came at the same time cuts to the department’s budget were also being instituted.

“Just wanted to thank you both again for your help in reviewing our grant application. I’m happy to let you know we got the grant! Thanks again! We are receiving the entire amount for which we applied ($129,860.57).”

– Timothy Burt | Detective | Dover Police Department


The Dover Police Department turned to the grant writing experts at PoliceGrantsHelp who have been responsible for over $150M in grant awards. PoliceGrantsHelp has a demonstrated track record in successfully sourcing grant funding and a grant approval rate that is a remarkable 60% higher than the national average. PoliceGrantsHelp grant writers all have a background in law enforcement with 50+ years combined grant writing experience.


The grants team at PoliceGrantsHelp provided the Dover Police Department with free grant support services through the Grant Assistance Program. With the help of PoliceGrantsHelp, the grants team was able to secure over $129,000 in funding, the full amount requested, for the Dover Police Department. With these funds, the Dover Police Department was able to provide quality training to their officers and purchase new software and equipment for the Crime Scene Unit in order to better serve their growing community.


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