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How FireGrantsHelp Secured $414K in AFG Funding for Hendry County Emergency Management

Hendry County - Fire Grants


The Hendry County Emergency Management oversees seven fire and EMS departments (Hendry County EMS, LaBelle Volunteer Fire Department, Pioneer Volunteer Fire Department, Montura –Flaghole Volunteer Fire Department, Felda Volunteer Fire Department, and Clewiston Volunteer Fire Department) in a small rural county that protects a large number of critical infrastructures.


For years, Hendry County has experienced chronic unemployment and the economic ills that accompany it; its 2011 unemployment rate, 13.1%, sits at a full 4% higher than the national average. This economic turmoil has led to the Governor declaring Hendry County a Rural Area of Critical Economic Concern. As a municipal department funded by taxes in a community hit hard by the recession, the Hendry County Emergency Management has existed on frozen budgets for the past three years. Despite these woes, the Hendry County fire and EMS community needed to secure three quarters of a million dollars in order to purchase P25 compliant mobile, portable base radios to ensure their ability to communicate in emergency situations.

“We have been awarded and will get official notice on Friday! Thank you so very much!” 

– Donna Akin, Operations Chief, Hendry County Public Safety


Hendry County Emergency Management turned to the experts at FireGrantsHelp who have a demonstrated track record in successfully sourcing grant funding and a grant approval rate that is a remarkable 60% higher than the national average. FireGrantsHelp grant writers are all current and active firefighters and EMS responders with 60+ years combined grant writing experience and a collective $150 million in grant projects awarded. FireGrantsHelp’s fees are flat, affordable, and they do not take a percentage of an award, which allows them to approach each grant the same way, no matter how big or small the project.


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The grants writing team at FireGrantsHelp was able to secure AFG funding for $414,000, which allowed Hendry County Emergency Management to purchase the needed radios to improve communication abilities both within departments and with mutual aid departments, as well as become NFPA compliant. Thanks to Firegrantshelp, Hendry County Emergency Management can now ensure that every Hendry County responder who answers a call for help will do so safely and effectively.


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