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Praetorian Digital launches Response Nurture, a powerful ROI-driven lead nurturing tool

San Francisco – Praetorian Digital, the leading learning and content platform for public safety and local government market, today announced the launch of Response Nurture, a lead nurturing tool for industry suppliers and local government marketers.

Response Nurture is designed to provide air cover to sales teams or distributors, with continual communication aimed at pushing potential customers down the sales funnel and ensuring suppliers are in the consideration set when prospects are ready-to-purchase. With Response Nurture, Praetorian will work with marketing clients to create a tailored communications strategy that educates and engages potential customers with a series of emails over a sustained period of time.

Response Nurture will use a combination of supplier-created, custom and syndicated content from Praetorian’s media properties to keep companies and products top of mind, qualify leads and overcome objections. It leverages Praetorian’s deep industry knowledge across public safety and local government as well as award winning content, marketing and production skills to create compelling points of engagement to advance business objectives.

“As public safety and government purchasing continues to evolve, we see a power shift to consumers who will purchase based on their terms and timeline,” said Alex Ford, CEO of Praetorian Digital. “Response Nurture gives our sponsors another powerful tool that puts their brand in the right place at the right time. We see this as a critical component of building a successful marketing mix and driving ROI.”

To find out more about Response Nurture and the complete Response Marketing Platform, click HERE.

About Praetorian Digital
Praetorian Digital is the leading platform for learning and content in the public safety and local government market, with a suite of tools dedicated to the distribution of trusted information and mission-critical training resources that help first responders and government officials better protect and serve their communities. Each of our brands, including,,,, and, offer up-to-date news, analysis, workflow solutions and training, as well as a grant assistance platform that has assisted departments and local governments in securing more than $150 million in funding to date.