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Praetorian’s Alex Ford in FOLIO: 6 Ways to Build an Innovative Culture

By Alex Ford, CEO, Praetorian Digital

Innovation: it’s a necessity for anyone who is looking to grow their business in the rapidly changing world of media today. Judging by the recent ABM and Industry Information Summit I attended, at which innovation was a key theme, I’m not alone in that belief.

Across media, companies are investing in new technologies, launching platforms and experimenting with new business models, as well as creating a wide range of data products, workflow automation tools and native content and marketing services offerings—all in the name of innovation. Innovation creates opportunity in a world where change is the only constant, and it’s a required capability to survive and thrive.

It’s easy to talk about as a concept, but innovation is incredibly difficult to institutionalize within your company or organization. I’ve been drinking the innovation Kool-Aid for years and have worked hard to position my media company, Praetorian Digital, as an innovator within our markets.

But what does it mean to be an innovator? How do you successfully pursue innovation? What tactics do you use? How do you make it part of your company’s DNA? 

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