Courses & Assignments Delivered Per Month

225,000 courses & assignments delivered per month to more than 200,000 personnel at more than 2,000 departments/municipalities


Local government faces unprecedented challenges, from security threats and natural disasters to the opioid epidemic, but often lacks the tools to manage and deliver training cost effectively. Many rely on paper-based systems to manage accreditations, field training and minimize liability and struggle with staying up to date on the wide range of issues they face.


What We Offer

Our proprietary technology platform  delivers training, automates workflow, decreases liability and improves performance for departments, municipalities, companies and insurers, allowing them to:

  • Deliver training 24-7-365 - anytime, anywhere
  • Build and assign content, from courses to policies and SOPs
  • Track offline and field training
  • Manage credentials and report training hours
  • Automate training and onboarding workflow
  • Improve performance and safety of your staff
  • Stay up to date on the latest trends and issues

How We Do It

Our learning platform offers broad content and deep features customized to meet the needs of municipalities and departments:

  • The largest content library for first responders and local gov, with more than 3,000 courses
  • Topics ranging from active shooter and fire inspector to HR and OSHA
  • Community sharing and collaboration
  • Credential and accreditation management and tracking
  • Multi-hierarchy group management tailored to local gov
  • Course authoring and delivery
  • Policy management
  • In-person and live event tracking tools
  • Records tracking and third-party integrations

Our Customers

A few of the organizations benefitting from our Learning Platform

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