in grant funding

for products, technology and community development awarded from our efforts to date.


$600 BILLION in grant funding is available for local government and public safety

from Federal, state and foundation sources but information is decentralized, the process is convoluted and the skills required are in short supply. Municipalities with the most urgent needs have limited resources are often not accessing these opportunities. This creates a major problem for local leaders, their communities and the companies that serve them.

What We Offer

Combining SaaS workflow and data products with tech enabled marketing and custom research, our platform facilitates the grant process for municipalities, departments and industry suppliers.

  • Offers free resources, guides and tools through our network of grant assistance websites
  • Delivers e-newsletters, research and alerts on best practices and the latest grant opportunities
  • Connects industry suppliers with products eligible for grant funding with the departments and municipalities that need them
  • Provides free grant assistance, guidance and narrative reviews, and paid grant services to more than 10,000 departments every year
  • Aggregates the largest database in the world for local government grant research with 9,000 opportunities listed

How We Do It

  • Free assistance and pre-award workflow tools
  • Grant writing services and project management
  • Guides and custom research
  • Database of available grants
  • Online training courses

Our Customers

A few of the organizations benefitting from our Grant Assistance Platform


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