Our core focus is to serve and protect those who keep our communities safe and running efficiently. Inspired by our audience, we provide exceptional service to all of our customers – both internal and external – whether they be advertisers, departments, municipalities or colleagues. Every day, we pursue excellence in an environment that allows us to thrive as individuals and as a company. Showing respect and patience toward colleagues and customers alike, we provide the support, help and tools to enable their success and growth. We’re committed to having a professional, innovative growth mindset as we strive to improve everything we do in order to create a $100MM revenue business.



We've worked hard to create an open, interactive environment full of people who are both extremely talented and fun to be around. We balance hard work with regular company events and activities. We enjoy team building outings and our annual offsite retreat as well as many smaller, unofficial clubs and activities such as grilled cheese contests, pirate themed yacht voyages and the legendary "PG in the Park Olympics". Having employees with varied backgrounds and dynamic personalities creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and promotes the sharing of ideas and thoughts on how to improve our business. We also give out customized bobble heads - if you’re worthy, that is.

I think the thing I enjoy about Praetorian the most is really the people - and just how we really care about what we do and create for our audience. Having a national impact on a local level is something very meaningful to me.

Sarah - VP, Grants Division

From a learning division start-up to enterprise development eight years later, I’m grateful to put my name on Praetorian training innovation proven to be invaluable for thousands of public safety agencies.

Nicole - Director, Enterprise Business Development

It’s rare to find an organization that is equally dedicated to the success of both its customers AND its employees. Praetorians leadership culture continues to enable and empower me to exceed my goals both personally and professionally.

Tony - Product Marketing Manager

Every day I am able to recognize the outstanding work of public safety personnel to serve their communities and deliver them news and training to do their jobs more safely and effectively.

Greg - Editorial Director

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