Praetorian Digital’s Grant Assistance Program Reaches $100 Million Funding Milestone

Since 2009, Grants Division has assisted more than 50,000 municipal departments in their grant funding efforts

SAN FRANCISCO – Praetorian Digital, the leading digital media company in the public safety and local government market, has announced that its Grant Assistance Program, consisting of, ,  and, announced it has directly generated more than $100 million in reported funding to local governments nationwide since the program’s inception in 2009.

The mission of the Grants Division at Praetorian Digital is to provide local government leaders with a comprehensive suite of resources for grant information and assistance. The Grant Assistance Program includes a dedicated team of grant experts committed to helping first responders and community leaders nationwide with grant research, writing and consulting help. 

During the past five years, the program has provided more than 50,000 municipal departments with access to grant assistance and support. The Grant Assistance Program receives over 1,000 agency requests a month for grant help and reaches 150,000 members through its dedicated grant websites.

“Represented within the $100 million are many departments that are now better equipped, staffed and prepared to better serve and protect their communities than they would otherwise be,” said Alex Ford, CEO of Praetorian Digital. “Our Grants team takes their mission extremely seriously and works very hard on behalf of departments to help them secure critical funding. The Grant Assistance Program has been among our most successful ventures at Praetorian and helps fulfill our mission to use technology to elevate public safety and local government.”  

Praetorian’s Grant Division websites are the only grant support sites that provide the majority of their services free or at a low cost to local government participants. Through the program, grant applicants are able to gain access to funding they may not have been aware of or had not succeeded in receiving in the past. Overall, the program’s success rate for grant approval is 60 percent higher than the national average.

“Many local governments aren’t able to maintain a full-time grant writer, so the world of grants can be daunting – especially to first time applicants,” said Sarah Wilson, Founder and Director of the Grants program at Praetorian Digital. “We’ve been able to serve as an unofficial team member to many departments and play a critical role in helping them get funding for much needed equipment and personnel. It’s a role we are honored to play, and I look forward to expanding our reach to other departments across the country in need of assistance with their grant efforts.”

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